The Wide Variety of Pharmacy Technician Duties

Many people go into pharmaceuticals because they think that all they have to do is count pills and how hard can that be? The fact is that there are many duties that a pharmacy technician is going to fulfill and these can be dependent upon where they work. Those who work in a hospital are going to have different duties than those who work in a commercial drug store are going to have.

While there are some similarities in all aspects of the pharmacy technician duties, there are also some wide differences as well. Of course, all are going to have to count pills and mix medications, as this is a standard procedure in any aspect of this industry. Where the differences come in is when there are patients and other duties that come in to play.

Those who want to work in a commercial pharmacy such as at a drug store are going to have to deal one on one with the customers. In most cases, they are going to have to take prescription co pays and are going to deal with money. When the prescription is given to them, they are going to need to verify the physician signature as well as the medication that has been prescribed.

Once they have received the approval from the pharmacist, they are going to have to fill the prescription and give it to the customer. Most of this work is going to be done on the computer where they are going to create the labels and make sure that the customer knows exactly how to properly take their medications. This can include any drug interactions that may occur between prescriptions that were previously filled.

Pharmacy technician duties for those in the commercial area of the field is also going to include knowing how to look up insurance information for verification purposes as well as any paperwork that the customer is going to have to complete. All stocking and inventory is going to be done by this position as well as keeping over the counter drugs stocked in many cases. Therefore, as has been described, there is more to this aspect of the field than simply counting pills.

For those who are looking to work as a private pharmacy, the pharmacy technician duties at nursing homes or in a private hospital may find that their duties vary just a bit from those who work in the public sphere. While pills are still counted and there is still going to be inventory done, the difference is that at private facilities there is more one-on-one work done with the patients. They are going to need to know how to read patient charts and are responsible for making sure the patients get their medications.

While there is “pill counting” as one of the pharmacy technician duties, there is much more to it than that. Those who are looking for a career in this field can go to an online school where they can take courses without ever leaving home. Once they have their certification, they can decide in what aspect of this field that they want to work.