Free Healthcare Plan Helping Thousands To Afford Their Medication

In September of 2007 this company was created to help people throughout America. It may be the first company to change the world of relationship marketing by actually giving away their product for free. This gives people the chance to experience a discount prescription drug card program without having to invest a great deal of money each month.

With prescription drug prices reaching all time high it is extremely hard for people on fixed or moderate incomes to cope with illnesses of any type. There have been times when patients picking up prescriptions at their local pharmacy have been faced with a difficult decision. They must choose between buying groceries for the month and getting their prescription filled. This might seem extreme but these days it is not unusual for a thirty day prescription to cost over $100.00 with some drugs costing as much as $400.00 for a one month supply.

Having a discount prescription card can help elevate the burden of living with no, or little, insurance. Being able to save up to 75% at pharmacies nationwide can take a large weight off of the shoulders of parents with young, uninsured children. It is hard to live life worry free when you are constantly afraid of getting sick and needed to have a prescription filled. We provide members with the very best savings and the ability to check for participating pharmacies online. The ability to check for participating pharmacies online will keep you from being inconvenienced by going all the way to the pharmacy only to find out that they do not accept your card. In addition to being able to use the discount prescription cards in pharmacies they can also be used with ordering mail order prescriptions.

In addition to helping reduce the price of prescriptions we also help make expensive lab procedures less expensive. Many Imaging and Lab services are expensive and not covered by many traditional insurance providers. Quite a few insurance holders have been shocked to receive large bills in the mail because their insurance would not pay for their lab work or x-rays. Our company also provides a toll free number that can be used to schedule lab work such as Cholesterol tests and Lipid Panels along with X-rays, MRIs and Cat Scans. The appointment is scheduled and a discount is given because of your company’s affiliation. This card can also be used to receive up to 60% off of diabetic plans with no pre-qualifications.